Hi, my name is Edmund

Welcome to my portfolio where I showcase my previous works from clients and some personal projects I have completed.

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Past Projects

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A r/MechMarket subreddit scraper & messaging tool, with 600+ unique users & 60+ monthly active users.

Full feature list:

  • Perform advanced filtered searches e.g. filter by location or listing types.
  • Send direct messages & comments.
  • Infinite scrolling functionality.
  • Receive notifications for new messages & comments.
  • View Imgur albums & images directly within the app.
  • Mobile & tablet compatible.


  • Frontend - React & Typescript, Grommet UI component library, Styled Components
  • Backend - Node, Express, Reddit & Imgur API
  • State management - React Context API
  • Authorization - Reddit OAuth2
  • Deployment - Netlify (Frontend), Heroku (Backend)

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A mechanical keyboard eCommerce store built with the MERN stack.

Full feature list:

  • User login, registration, edit details and admin role.
  • Product creation, search, editing and reviews.
  • Shopping cart system with order payments through PayPal API.
  • Admin panel to manage customers, order and products.
  • Fetches product, user and order data from database.
  • Product search and pagination.


  • Frontend - Reactstrap UI library
  • Backend - Node, Express, MongoDB and Mongoose
  • State management - Redux
  • Routing - React router
  • Authorization - JWT
  • Payment gateway - PayPal API
  • Deployment - Heroku

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Elixir Labs

Elixir Labs is a premium reselling Discord group providing their users with the latest information to generate profits from buying and selling streetwear items or other lucrative items. They currently have 90+ monthly members and growing!

Full feature list:

  • Content rich landing page.
    • Detailed descriptions of all of the groups features.
    • Testimonials of current members.
    • Live Twitter feed of success posts.
    • Contact form and FAQ section.
  • Custom user dashboard.
    • Amend payment information.
    • Submit a ticket for support.
    • Display users linked Discord account and personal information, along with their license key.
  • Custom admin panel
    • Edit and amend user memberships.
    • Edit user details.
    • Add membership stock onto the website.
    • Add passwords to membership purchases.

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Sneaker Ninjaz

Sneaker Ninjaz is a dedicated Discord group specialising in Supreme and sneaker releases to help their members purchase the most limited items. They currently offer free and paid memberships and have 160+ members in the server!

Full feature list:

  • Content rich landing page.
    • Detailed descriptions of all of the groups features.
    • Live Discord channel feed
    • Live Twitter feed of success posts.
    • Pricing section for memberships.
    • Contact section.
  • Memberful payment gateway for recurring memberships.
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Dashboard Supply

Dashboard Supply is a service provider in the sneaker and streetwear reselling niche. They aim to develop Discord authentication and dashboard systems for group owners and sneaker bots.

Full feature list:

  • Content rich landing page.
    • Detailed descriptions of all features.
    • Display sample works and live demos.
    • How to order section.
    • Live Discord channel feed.
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